Joining Robot Clubs

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Robotic clubs are a fun way kids can learn about sharing, friendly competition, winning awards, and having fun with other kids their age. Robotic clubs are one of many clubs supported by schools around the US. There are categories for robots built by very young kids all the way up to high school age kids. The young kids compete in categories that use non-soldering robot kits as well as some that require soldering. When parents look at these kits, they can be ensured their kids can be left alone to build their robots without fear of being burned when using non-soldering kits.

Oneof the biggest Robot Clubs around the US is known as US First. They were founded in 1989. In 1992 there were 28 teams in New Hampshire competing at many different levels. The youngest age for competition if 6 while the oldest age is 18. There are many different levels in this club and each state around the US can have their own First robot club. When Lego came out with their non-soldering robot kit, US First created a league for this group of robots. Kids ages 6 – 9 can join the JR First Lego League (Jr.FLL) where they will learn real-world challenges on solving problems by using robots. There are adults and teachers working right alongside these young kids. They learn not only about how to design and build non-soldering robots, but learn about presenting their robotic designs to their peers, the challenges scientists face today, and how to apply the math and science skills they are learning about in school. This is the first level a kid may get involved in with the club.
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Dealing With a Toddler: This Is My Life!

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Mydaughter is galloping around the house yelling “sign-a-door” at the top of her lungs over and over. I’m slightly confused but not surprised at her antics. I’m quite used to her garbled English phrases and amusing sayings, but this is a new one even for me. I ask her what she is saying and she promptly holds out her chubby little hand in which she holds a small dinosaur. It’s all I can do to keep from laughing.

Scenes like this one happen on a regular basis in my household. In fact, that one is tame. I think I have poison control on speed-dial. I don’t know how many times my husband or I have been cleaning something that she has spilled on a chair, or couch, or pretty much every square inch of the house, and little do we suspect, but she has crept up on us and is tasting the detergent we are using.

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6 Popular Prom Favors

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Promnight is one of the most important nights to some high school students. If you are one of the organizers or the coordinator of a school prom, it is advisable to have prom favors that will surely be remembered and appreciated by all students. You can save hundreds of dollars if you purchase favors in bulk or if you put all the materials together by yourself.

In choosing favors for the prom night, make sure that it is coordinated with the theme. For instance, the theme is a Casino or Las Vegas Night. The favors could be personalized dice in keychain or a deck of paying cards. If you have a blue moon or starlit romance theme, incorporate stars in the favors with personalized engraving.

This brief article with give six popular prom favors for you to consider for the prom night that you are organizing. Here are the top favors for a memorable prom night.

1) Set-up a photo booth in the entry way of the venue. Include fancy personalized frames where the students can easily put the captured picture. This is one great way to preserve the memory of a prom night.

2)Be loyal to the school. Add into the favors the school spirit. Use the logo, icon, mascot or the school’s colors. For instance, a stuffed animal wearing a tuxedo or scarves with embroidered school’s logo. The sense of pride and belongingness will be felt by the students whenever they use it.

3) A memory booklet is another great way to remember the prom night. It keeps the glory days, good times, school days and help remember friends and teachers. There are many online sellers that offer customized memory booklets. However, if you want to minimize on costs, there are available publishing software that you can use to layout the memory booklets. All you have to do is bring it to a printing house for mass production.

4) Personalized tins with mints or candies. This favor can also serve as decorations in every table.

5) If you have plenty of time, you can document the prom night. Take pictures and videos of the event. Edit your footages. You can add captions and the prom songs. Make sure to customize as well the DVD labels and case.

6) Key chains or tags are another best way to remember the prom night. It is both functional and trendy. It can also incorporate pictures of the special night. There are different materials and varieties available in the market such as metal, plastic, glittered, acrylic and dog tags. It is guaranteed that this favor will be used by the prom participants especially when they go off to college. Cheap Roman Carbide DC2207 3-1/2-Inch

Top Unique Prom Gifts Ideas

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One of the most important events in the lives of most teenagers is their high school prom. The experience of finding a date, getting ready, dressing up in elegant attire, riding a limousine, and spending time with the special girl or boy is full of excitement.

Ifyou have a son or daughter going to the prom or you are going to the prom, make it a memorable experience by giving a special prom gift. This brief article will give you top unique prom gift ideas to can consider.

1) A prom gift basket for the young lady with all the prom essentials is a good way to set the tone for the prom night. The fill the basket with emergency make-up kit, breath mints, extra stockings, perfume and hair accessories.

2) Prepare a home cooked-dinner for your date. Some proms do not include dinner. Instead of booking a dinner for two in a fancy restaurant, prepare a gourmet meal at home. Start with your date’s favorite appetizer, salad, main course and end with a special dessert. Set the mood through setting-up a romantic table with candle light, background music, fine china and sparkling cider or grape juice. You can do this the afternoon before the prom night. Ask your mom to help you prepare the meal. Your date will surely appreciate the time and efforts you have devoted in preparing a sumptuous dinner.

3) If you are going to the prom night with your circle of friends, bring with you a video camera. Document the entire evening from preparations up to the limo ride after the prom. After the prom night, turn your footage in a customized video with captions and background music. Burn it on to a DVD with personalized label and case. You and your friends will surely remember one of the most unforgettable events in their lives.

4) A collage of memorabilia and pictures is another lovely gift. Take pictures during your prom night. Collect different items that will remind your date or friends about the prom night.

5) Any girl would love to receive a bouquet of flowers. However, a gardening kit is a unique way of giving a lovely young lady to remind her one of the most important nights of her life. She can grow her own plants or flowers which will continue to blossom. If you want to prepare your own kit, include a planter, seed packages, gardening tools and gloves.

6) Gift certificate is another great idea to give both the young man and young lady to help them prepare for the prom. For instance, a gift certificate for the young man is for a new tuxedo and wrist corsage. On the other hand, for the young lady, a gift certificate for a spa session, massage, pedicure, manicure, hair and make-up services.

7) An after prom night outfit is a good gift for the young couple. For instance, a statement shirt which says, “She/He is my prom date.”
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Global Economic Crisis and Youth


ILO (International Labor Organization) published a report in August 2010 named “ILO Global Employment Trends for Youth 2010”. The purpose of this report was to highlight the growing problems which young generation of the world is facing in these troubled times of economic crisis. The main points of the report are as follows:

An enormous increase was noticed in the un-employment rate of youth. 81 million young people aged between 15 to 24 were unemployed at the end of 2009 which is a record marking an increase from 11.9% in 2007 to 13% in 2009.

– The adult unemployment rate is much less as compared to youth unemployment rate.

– The report also said that the recovery in the employment trends for youth was expected to take longer duration of time than adults with expectations that in only 2011 the unemployment trends for youth will decline to 12.6% which is unsatisfactory.

So the purposes of mentioning all this is to underline the difficulties, restlessness and pain which the present economic crisis has produced upon the young generation of the world.They are always the last preferred for any job and the first to be thrown out and there is always an additional mental strain in form of social burden and responsibilities. The condition is bad in underdeveloped countries but particularly is more negative in developed nations. So if you take all this from a youngster’s point of view who needs work to pay his college fees hostel rent to buy books and fulfill other basic requirements of life he is trying but is not getting work or he has been thrown out of his job you can easily understand the strain through which the young man is passing.
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Teach Kids – Stop A Cyber Bully

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Our Kids safety is a parents highest priority.

Parents are learning about cyber bullying and the difficulty of finding a safe place on the web for kids.

Is your Kid safe?

Gone are the days the victims of bullying can run home, away from the bullies in school.

‘Kids and Internet’ seems to be a lethal combination these days especially now with the statistics that at least one in 10 students are the victims of bullying.

A Cyber-bullying recent research suggests that 1 in 10 kids have been cyber-bullied. (Dr Noble, a member of the National Centre Against Bullying).

“A Child Bullied is a child that is three times more likely to show depressive symptoms”. (Centre for Adolescent Health.)

It leaves us parents with the question; is the internet safe for children?

Deterring kids to use the internet is certainly not an option. Arming kids with the tools to prevent and stop a cyber bully is the answer.

Child prevention programs are also a great way to stop cyber bullying and school bullying in children.

We must remember that Kids that bully are often bullied kids themselves. Either from home or from some other environmental source.

Here are some useful tips to help you teach your child a plan in dealing with a cyber bully.

Teen Suicide Survivor

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The Pistol Star

“He’sgone”, these words can mean all kinds of things to billions of different people, but when spoken to me on the night of December 7th, 2005, they only had one meaning, one meaning to one simple phrase that consists of two simple words that completely, single-handedly destroyed my picture-perfect life. The power of these two words were unbelievable, they crushed my heart, destroyed my faith, and broke any hope for love in my life. I could never trust anyone for as long as I live on this planet. Two simple words: “he’s gone”, Spoken to me with such ease they cut me like strong, powerful sharp blades and ripped my soul ’til it bled and died. “He’s gone” took every tear in my little ten-year old body and poured them into an endless stream of impeccable pain and loss. “He’s gone” continues to replay over and over in my head as I search for an answer in this terrible never ending nightmare of a life. “He’s gone” happened on an ordinary yet unforgettable December day, like any other, but it tore and twisted my life ’til there was nothing left but an empty hole in a little girl’s heart that could never be filled. He’s gone?
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